LOS ANGELES-One of the controversies surrounding Justin Bieber was the Calvin Klein advertisement in which it was alleged the images had been photo-shopped. Bieber responded by posting his shirtless picture on Instagram, with the caption “Photoshop lol.”

Justin Bieber has seemingly saved himself some costly litigation after burying the hatchet with an upset photographer.

The Blast broke the story, JB was sued by a man named Robert Barbera who accused the singer of copyright infringement after Bieber posted the photos pic on his Instagram page.

The photo in question was that of Bieber and his buddy in a car back in March, and Barbera claims he made no money, even though it generated millions of Likes for the Biebs.

Now it has seemed the two worked out their differences.

On Friday evening the “Sorry” singer posted to his Instagram page again with one of Barbera’s photos, but this time with some credit and a message.

“Photo taken by @papculture ! Stop all the fuss we worked it out! He’s a good dude!!!!!” he announced alongside a photo of him performing onstage.

Bieber also asked, “What do you guys think album and another tour?”

Shortly after The Blast posted about Bieber’s gesture on IG, he took down the post and put up a different post touting Barbera’s page as a photographer. “That time @papculture caught me in this lit fit @jerrylorenzo @fearofgod,” he wrote.

It’s unclear why he had to change up, but it’s possible his attorneys didn’t like the proclamation about having it “worked out.”

The photo was also posted to Barbera’s page with a similar message. “Thanks for everything bro @justinbieber check out my story for more rare shots!” he wrote.