ISLAMABAD-Islamabad Circle, a philosophical forum, in collaboration with Pakistan Academy of Sciences (PAS), organised launch of a book titled ‘Science – Talash-e-Haq,’ written by eminent scientist, physicist and poet Doctor Hamid Salim.

Speaking on the occasion, Senator Farhat ullah Babar said that Pakistan cannot progress without scientific approach. Pakistan lacks an educational and conclusive platform for debate along with the freedom of speech, he maintained. Babar said that the propagation of philosophical approach and critical thinking in the country is inevitable. Even those who do not know the composition of matter that either atom is in nucleus or nucleus is in atom can also understand science after reading this book.

Science – Talash Haq is the quest for truth in which the author has tried to highlight the importance of scientific thinking. Pakistan cannot progress without adopting the scientific, critical, debate and approach. The dishonesty of authors, scholars and politicians are quite famous but to criticise the shortcomings of religious figures, is an exemplified act of bravery. Scientists do not take research outcomes as final discourse; however, the religious scholars do so. Pakistan lacks any educational and conclusive platform for debate along with the freedom of speech. The country is going through such phase in which the Council of Islamic Ideology insists on moon sighting through Ruet-e-Hilal Committee and that husband has the right to beat his wife. The council also objected when the resolution was passed in Sindh Assembly to limit the age of girl marriage to the minimum of 18 years. Such council should not exist.

He further said that Pakistan is a security state not a welfare state. On this occasion, the senator misnamed the prominent scholar, Saqib Akbar, as Saqib Nisar saying that he was the Chief Justice of Supreme Court, now he himself is the petitioner. Prominent religious scholar, Saqib Akbar, said that the author has proved that science can also be taught in Urdu. This book provided the students an opportunity to learn science in easy language. The narrow mindedness of religious scholars, the static nature of the society and philosophical approach has been beautifully demonstrated in couplets. Science is truth but in a materialistic manner not entirely. Without any proof, it is incorrect to believe or reject it.

Dr. Qasim Jaan said that the book is the perfect amalgamation of science, religion, philosophy and literature. It is important to present science and medicines in Urdu. The translation of books on science into local languages is inevitable so that the society can be benefitted through the scientific thoughts.

Scientist Pervez Hoodboy said that science is usually considered a stockpile of facts. In this book, the author has presented science as logic, statistics and observation. The core aim of this book is the propagation of scientific thinking, which Pakistan needs. Pakistan does not have any space for the propagation of science. All the inventions like fan and light, trace their roots in West. The youth have lost the urge of discovery. For the real progress, science and religion should be kept apart.

The author of the book and the prominent physician Dr. Hamid Salim said that his book is an attempt to provide the society a scientific basis. For the sake of prosperity and peace in the world, it is important to give special attention to science. For the security of every country, the acquisition of modern knowledge holds great significance. The knowledge of basic theories of science can help in erasing the prejudice and communal hatred. Some influential persons, despite of having knowledge, want to keep the public away from ideological and critical path to ensure their own interests. Such nations are doomed to failure and destruction. Such conditions only help the privileged ones; however, the moral degradation ultimately leads to destruction of such nations.

The reason behind the influence of developed nations is their superiority in knowledge and thinking. I hope that from this book, students would also benefit themselves.