Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has announced not to join Mulana Fazul Rehman long March but support him morally and politically. Unfathomable. Political and moral support means joining the long march which is peaceful tool for putting pressure on government to either correct the situation or step down.

If the reason is that religion political parties including JUIF and PPP are ideologically poles apart, the PPP leader shouldn’t have talked about political and moral support to Mulana Fazul Rehman. Then one strongly speculate that PPP is keeping its doors open for deal and by withdrawing or ditching Mulana, Bilawal is strengthening his bargaining position. And if yes what kind of deal or concession PPP leaders is aspiring to extract from PTI government. To save Sindh government or seeking release of his father and aunt or both.

It looks that even if PTI wanted to strike a deal it would be hard for PM to allow Asif And Faryal scot free because he has spoken so emphatically and emotionally for numerous times that it would be nearly impossible for him to defend such a deal even if he hid himself behind courts or took the hare of national interest from his hat.

One way is infamous plea bargain which can be face saving to PTI government but ruin the reputation of Asif Ali Zardari who holds honor higher than his life. Thus the ground realities are against any deal for freedom of Zardari and his sister. And if only strong expediency is to save Sindh government then it is worst and eccentric strategy. Such kind of strategy in past caused irreparable damage and transformed it from major national party to a largely Sindh based party.

At this juncture iron of public anger and depression is hot and untied stand and action through peaceful protests including launching long March can bring this hitherto anti people and stubborn government to its senses to either reverse its anti-people polices of high inflation and high tax and selective accountability or go home. But if Bilawal on his own or guidance from his father is staying away from the golden opportunity of putting pressure on PTI government through peaceful and democratic means, the PPP is wasting a great opportunity.

This expediency would damage the credentials of PPP on one hand and on the other religious political parties would gain ground and popularity.