KARA.CHI            -    Sindh Minister for Local Bodies and Forests, Syed Nasir Hussain Shah here on Saturday warned strict action against those involved in destruction of mangrove forests in the coastal areas of the metropolis.

Consequent to a report presented to him by the forest department about recovery of timber, comprising mangrove variety of trees, during a recently conducted raid in district south of Karachi, he said this was not acceptable for the government. “The culprits involved in cutting for commercial purpose or otherwise of these crucially needed trees that protect our land from coastal erosion cannot be allowed to go scot-free,” he said.

The minister also emphasized need to raise public awareness about their responsibility to protect mangroves forests that are extremely helpful in braving the global warming related challenges.

Syed Nasir Hussain in his on the spot directives to provincial secretary for local bodies, Roshan Ali Shaikh, sought immediate action against those involved in cutting mangrove forests and encroaching the space for different purposes.

The minister also called for active involvement of citizens in the ongoing plantation in Karachi in other cities of Sindh under the provincial government’s “Urban Forestry Policy.”

He said there was need to create public ownership for the efforts and concerned NGOs as well as interested citizens in their individual as well as collective capacities must be taken on board.