LAHORE           -    Jamaat-i-Islami (JI) Sirajul Haq has said people want to see ‘real change’. “Inflation on rampage, joblessness and uncertainty have been adding to public woes. A change is necessary to get the country out of crisis,” he said while addressing a training session of the students of Islami Jamiat Talba at Mansoora on Saturday. The Jamaat-i-IslamiNaib Emir Dr Mirajul Huda Siddiqui also addressed the gathering.Siraj said removal of ministers on bad performance was not a solution to the issues rather measures were required to fix the economy and other crisis. But, he added, the government seemed directionless and it completely lost its senses following a call of protest from the opposition parties. He said the government should prepare itself to face the music now, recognizing the fact that history always repeated itself. He said the government lost grip over state affairs as corruption and nepotism had become norms, breaking all past records. The people had to pay bribe to get resolved their legal and illegal issues in every department, he said.