KARACHI    -    The two-day Dow DICE Health Exhibition 2019 organised by the Dow University of Health Sciences in collaboration with the American DICE Foundation at the Expo Centre concluded here on Saturday.

The project, developed by students of the Dow University, received the first prize. It will help prevent cancer-causing ingredients from industrially produced foods.

The second prize was given to Hamdard University students on “Health Monitoring Smart Chair with Mobile” and the third prize was awarded to NED University students for “Spectacles for the Blind”.

While the next 10 projects were awarded cash prizes by the DICE Foundation and 14 projects were awarded cash prizes under Javed Akhai Award.

Addressing the closing ceremony, industrialists and other experts said that this exhibition of projects has provided an opportunity for industries and educational institutions to come closer, which will have a positive impact on Pakistan’s economy.

Addressing the closing ceremony, senior vice president of the Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Dr. Mirza Ikhtiyar Baig said that previously, there were gaps between industries and educational institutions that ended with the help of Dow DICE Health Exhibition. In the United States and other developed countries, research in the field of agriculture has doubled and tripled its productivity; we have not had any research in this field before. Had there been contact between educational institutions and agricultural institutions in the last years, our agricultural output today would have been at least twice as high as in other countries.

Senator Taj Haider said that the importance of research has increased around the world, Pakistan needs to focus on research for industrial and economic development. Exhibition is the first step towards Pakistan’s achievements. We need to adopt healthy habits and balanced diet intake to establish a good and healthy society. Health care facilities in Pakistan are working fast and Sindh is the best in the health sector.

Acting Vice Chancellor of Dow University Prof. Zarnaz Wahid said that 400 projects were presented at the 5th Dow DICE Health Exhibition. She said that students whose projects have not been selected shall not get disappointed; their experience will guarantee their success next year. Students are the backbone of Pakistan, on this occasion they thanked the industry and teachers.

Founder of DICE Foundation USA Dr. Khurshid Qureshi said that the exhibition will bring at least 45 to 50 of its research products to market in the next five years, thereby boosting Pakistan’s exports and decreasing Pakistan’s current economic problems. He added that the DICE journey with Dow University started five years ago, today the exhibition of 400 projects of students is the proof of the success of our joint venture. We were in dire need of a platform in Pakistan, which could lead to the economic revolution in the country. I believe that we will set the destination for self-sufficiency soon.