The Pakistan Democratic Movement’s show in Karachi might be counted as a success within their cadres. There were large numbers in attendance in the gathering hosted by the PPP on Sunday. As far as power-shows go, this was not a bad showing on part of the opposition. But then, this is to be expected in the heart of the provincial capital of the PPP’s political homebase. And it must be remembered that this turnout is only possible with the alliance of eleven different parties; the situation might have been very different if the parties were looking to host their own jalsas separately.

But beyond the speeches and the passion of those in attendance, the news cycle was overtaken by the scenes of key opposition leaders from PML-N voicing political chants at Quaid-i-Azam’s mausoleum. Seeing Captain Safdar shouting political slogans and pointing at the founding father’s grave raised eyebrows, as the mausoleum has long been considered above politics, and a place where respect is paid. It is also categorically against the law. Political meetings at the venue are prohibited, as are any acts that might be considered derogatory to the memory of the Quaid. This is punishable with three years of prison sentence and/or a fine.

The Sindh police has already clarified its stance, so there is no need for speculation on that front. But what is unclear is if this points to rift in the PDM alliance already. Bilawal Bhutto was not present at the press conference after the arrest of Captain Safdar. PPP has distanced itself from the showing at the mausoleum. It will be telling to see if cracks develop into deeper fractures as time progresses.