ISLAMABAD - The BBC’s new political drama Roadkill was slammed for its ‘anti-Conservative bias’ as a Tory MP said: ‘If they did the same for a left-wing character it would be a hate crime’. The drama, written by Hampstead playwright Sir David Hare, sees Hugh Laurie playing corrupt Tory government minister Peter Laurence, who in the first episode is seen lying in court during a libel trial, sleeping with his mistress and burying evidence of a love child. Tory MP Andrew Bridgen, who was reacting to criticism of Roadkill, said: ‘This show is just another BBC anti-Conservative trope. 

If they did the same for a left-wing character it would probably be classed as a hate crime.’ Concerns over left-wing bias at the BBC have seen Prime Minister Boris Johnson push for a right-wing figure to fill the role of chairman, with former editor Charles Moore lined up for the job before he turned it down.MrBridgen added: ‘It’s a great shame Charles Moore didn’t want it. He probably thinks it’s gone too far. But they have to do something to rescue the BBC from itself or no one’s going to watch it.’ Roadkill was also criticised by the actor Laurence Fox, who told: ‘I never watch the BBC and it’s certainly not my job to defend the Tory Party but I don’t watch it because so much content is a lecture from a series of stereotypes. A morality play. A new chairman is desperately needed before the BBC disappears in a puff of Woke Smoke.’