KARACHI - People from all walks of life on Monday took strong exception to the absolute disregard for sanctity of the Mazaar-e-Quaid reflected by PML-N activist, Mohammad Safdar on Sunday evening. They also regretted absolute indifference of senior leaders of the party including its vice president present on the occasion but making no effort to control a person who seemed to have considered a sacred site as his private property.

Highlighting that it set a bad precedence as not only law of land was violated but sanctity of the mausoleum  was also compromised, citizens expressed their astonishment as how and why those claiming to be better positioned to the lead the masses could little realise the importance of the Mazaar-e-Quaid, a place where “Father of Nation” is buried. “Raising slogans and polluting the ambiance that demands respect does not suit those claiming to be the champions of the democracy,” said Dr Ahsan Ahmad a teacher associated with a private university.

Democracy, he said demands absolute rule of law and respect of the same with equal acceptance of the rights of every citizen, said the man teaching political science and international law for past several years.

David D’Souza, an accountant by profession expressed his inability to understand as why some of the apparently most committed politicians could not stop a man turning almost berserk and behaving like a lunatic.

“Were they scared of his status being son in law of their party boss if so then where is democracy--there simply exists no concept of democracy within their own party,” said the senior citizen adding with deep regret that almost similar was the practice in some of the other political parties claiming to have made tremendous sacrifices for the cause of democracy.

Taiyab Rajab Ali, running a shop in Jodia Bazaar said politicians along with other sections of the society were yet to learn that rights and responsibilities went hand in hand and that no one was above the law.