ATTOCK-: Special Assistant to the Prime Minister (SAPM) on Climate Change Malik Amin Aslam has said that Pakistan was ranked fifth on the Index Of Climate Change that is why the government has evolved  strategy to tackle the effects of natural disasters especially areas which are prone to extreme weather conditions in the country. Talking to newsmen in Hassanabdal, he said that present government was taking tangible steps as per Prime Minister Imran Khan’s vision to reduce effects of climate change on the vulnerable communities. He added that government had a distinction to have included the element of disaster risk reduction in the planning of development projects for the first time in the history of the county. He said under the country’s Protected Areas Initiative, measures are being taken to improve environmental governance, management, financing and conservation activities on about 7,200 square kilometres. Commenting on question related to recent political developments, SAPM Malik Amin said that the opposition’s anti-government public rallies posed no threat to the government as  it had launched an anti-government campaign to hide its corruption. However, alarming thing is the stance of the PML-N leadership against the state institutions especially military which is against the largest interest of the state and its institutions.  While giving his comments on the statement of the opposition parties that opposition tightened noose against the government, he said that Pakistan Muslim League-N and Pakistan Peoples Party were lacking leadership that is why they were using each other’s shoulders to save their money earned through corrupt practices.