It is very painful to state that we have not found any leader after Jinnah who would have been of indomitable courage, irresistible logic and exemplary principles. Jinnah possessed all these and on his death, the question remained: who would carry out the legacy of Jinnah’s dreams and vision to make Pakistan a stable, prosperous and developed nation?

What Jinnah envisioned, was to make Pakistan a pure parliamentary democratic country consisting of strong and united federating units, minorities having freedom and where principles of social justice and human rights were fully guaranteed.

But we have witnessed everything opposite of Jinnah’s dream of pakistan.

We saw everywhere sectarian violence, racial and linguistic clashes, terrorism, flagrant violation of human rights, forced conversion of minorities, interference and abrogation of constitutional institution and constitution itself many times, conflicts between provinces and federation on political, economical and administrative interests. Right now we are on the verge of destruction, but still we have time to keep the words and revive Jinnah’s vision and lead the country toward stabilization and prosperity .