ISLAMABAD - The National Assembly yesterday adjourned without any proceedings, as the government could not manage to maintain the required quorum in the house. The opposition, with the onset of the proceedings, managed to disrupt the proceedings when only 35 members from both sides were present in the house. PPP-P’s Ghulam Mustafa Shah, soon after the recitation of the National Anthem, rushed to point out lack of required strength to run the proceedings of the house. The speaker was about to initiate Question-Hour but quorum was pointed out by the opposition member. The chair, due to lack of required strength [86 MNAs at least] in the house, suspended proceedings of the National Assembly for half an hour to complete the required strength. The required quorum could not be completed by the treasury benches even after passing 35 minutes. The chair, due to incomplete strength in the house, adjourned the proceedings of the house. The house, with the start of the proceedings, saw a very thin presence as not more than 40 members were present when the house was started. The treasury benches managed to gather only 80 MNAs in the house to run the house. The lawmakers from both sides were expected to enter into a verbal brawl over the current political situation in the country. The expenditure of one-day proceedings is around rupees one million. The house was to take up legislation to amend the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan [The Constitution (Twenty-sixth Amendment) Bill, 2020] and to pass ‘The Pakistan Single Window Bill, 2020]’.