LAHORE   -  The new LDA Land Use Regulations have been prepared by taking into consideration the existing socio-economic scenario for giving impetus to commercial activities in all the four districts of Lahore division.

Vice-Chairman Lahore Development Authority (LDA), SM Imran informed this while giving details of the new commercialisation policy of LDA. 

He told that in line with the vision of the Prime Minister of Pakistan, LDA has introduced business-friendly regulations after incorporating input of the stakeholders. Main focus on these regulations have been on creation of new employment opportunities for the youth.

He said that under the supervision of the Chief Minister, Punjab, Land Use Regulations 2020 have been approved which provide unprecedented concessions and facilities for starting new ventures besides expanding the existing businesses.

He told that certain types of services and private practices have been exempted from payment of commercialisation fee under these regulations. 

Professionals such as doctors, engineers, architects and other experts providing consultancy services have been allowed to utilize 25 percent of the covered area of their houses for this purpose without paying  commercialization fee to LDA, he informed. He further revealed that for encouraging public service and welfare activities, commercialisation fee has also been waived of for charity organizations and NGOs working for extending humanitarian assistance to the people. SM Imran informed that new commercial centres could now be established at different places under the concept of ‘Area Development Project’ as per these regulations. 

A commercial zone could  be set up on area ranging from 24 kanals to 200 kanals of land, where all business facilities could be provided at one place including commercial plazas, restaurants, showrooms, offices, etc. Such projects will definitely generate a large number of employment opportunities everywhere at local level, he added. 

SM Imran informed that Land Use Regulations also provide facilities for extending existing business set up. An entrepreneur could now amalgamate adjacent piece of land  equal to the land  being already utilised by him for expanding his business after fulfilling all legal formalities. 

The Vice-Chairman, LDA told that for  convenience of the business community, the facility of depositing commercialization fee in instalments has been provided.  These instalments could now be paid in a span  of three years instead of two years. LDA has also  decided to give five percent discount on lump sum payment of commercialisation fee. He informed that for facilitating the people close to their house, settings up of hospitals, day care centres and clubs in the residential zone has been allowed. For promoting industry, settings up of industrial units have also been allowed in the agriculture zone, he added. 

SM Imran told that for starting new business activities in districts of Kasur, Sheikhupura and Nankana, standards with regards to width of roads and size of plots have been relaxed besides providing a number of other incentives. 

He revealed that LDA has started implementing the Land Use Regulations for encouraging  business activities. LDA has started approving applications for seeking permission to start new businesses, which had been pending for the past one and a half year.  He told that conversion of land use was allowed for starting 48 new businesses within the Lahore division last week. The new business which were allowed included setting up 28 petrol pumps, five LPG storage sites, three oil storage sites, six schools, a medical institute, two hospitals and a powerhouse.