A few months into the covid-19 lockdown, I had bumped into a crucial newsflash on CNN of raging wildfires in California in the USA. Incidentally, CNN had been reporting the fire incident back-to-back.

The Amazon fire and bushfires in Australia have now set off a wake-up call for protecting our natural environment around like those beautiful dense forest areas, failing which “Real Armageddon” will appear on the horizon. All the plants and trees growing on Mother Earth have unique features, giving a new lease of life to the whole world having already been affected by so many crises.

My native areas like Korkai, Tuticorin, Tiruchendur, Nagercoil, Kanyakumari, and Tirunelveli, all in Tamil Nadu have long been home to various waterbodies like Thamirabarani River, big trees, coconut groves and agricultural activities like growing bananas and paddy cultivation.

Such natural flora and fauna must be protected at all costs like serious water conservation and many more green initiatives in order to keep on feeding the international community over millions of years into the future.

Surely, the California wildfire incident holds many a lesson for you and me.