I am one of the 600 hapless candidates who, after passing the written tests and interviews conducted by the Sindh Public Service Commission for the posts of lecturers last year were declared successful and given offer of appointments through a letter by the Sindh Education Department. However, the education department, after having kept us waiting for more than four months on the plea that a summary had been sent to the Chief Minster (the appointing authority of BS 17 and above), announced on September 4 that the CM has refused to approve our appointments. Why? Because according to the CM, the conducting authority of our examination, SPSC, did not enjoy confidence of the government. I have failed to understand for what fault of theirs, the 600 successful candidates, who followed the advertisement of a legitimate government and not only paid fees, prepared for examination, gone through the rigours of written tests and interviews stretched over a period of one and half year and, finally, after being declared successful were given offer of appointment, can be ignored like this? If we, the successful candidates recommended for appointment to the posts of lecturers, were ignored on some whimsical grounds like this, not only will the governing institutions lose their credibility in the eyes of people but it will also be stigma on the face of party in power. Moreover another bad example will be set in our already chaotic political order i.e. every succeeding government will discard appointees of its predecessor, opening floodgates of long and costly litigations between the government and citizens. -AN AGGRIEVED CANDIDATE, Hyderabad, via e-mail, September 6.