Our high officials are telling us that there is an acute shortage of electricity and petrol in the country. We would like to believe them but when we see VVIP aircrafts being used as taxies and convoys of luxury limousines consuming petrol like water, we really are shocked merely to facilitate some minister or government official. We see traffic jams lasting for hours in all big cities of Pakistan. With so many cars on the road, with their engines running even in traffic jams to ensure air-conditioning is not turned off, can their be a shortage of petrol? Similarly, we see electricity being wasted mercilessly in our markets, each shop having dozens of mercury bulbs lighting it. Thus, it is fair to conclude that there is no shortage of electricity either. Surely the number of bulbs in each shop could cut down to five or six with out any effect on sales? Our government recently took some steps to save electricity but that seems all in vain. The public did not cooperate because the proposed steps were apparently impracticable. Our government must communicate with the public to decide what steps should be taken to save fuel and electricity that are acceptable to both, -COL (Retd) R.M. AKHTAR, Lahore, September 8.