MANDI BAHAUDDIN - An advocate was shot dead at his house here the other day. Reportedly, three unidentified people came to village Chhani Mahram in Tehsil Phalia on a motorcycle and asked a villager about Advocate Safdar Iqbal Tarar and his house.  The villager led them to the house of the advocate.  As they knocked the door, advocate came on the gate and made them sit in drawing room attached to his house.  Meanwhile, advocate got up to fetch some drink for them. As soon as he got up the strangers opened fire on him and sprayed seven pistol bullets on him.  The advocate died on the spot. His 18-year-old son came to spot when the culprits were leaving the place after killing the advocate. The son chased them to catch but they fired on him and injured. The Pahrianwali Police have registered a murder case against unidentified culprits.