Chairman of Kashmir Committee in the Parliament Maulana Fazal ur Rehman on Thursday said that it was British’s’ obligation to resolve the Kashmir issue before leaving the subcontinent. Praising the member of the UK parliament’ Jorge Galloway’s longing to bring things for the deprived people of Kashmir; he said Jorge Galloway had played an important role on the Kashmir issue, in the past. Adding he said the other members of the UK parliament and palpitations shall join him to help the poor people of Kashmir, he added. Maulana said that there was main role of Viceroy, Lord Mountbatten and Red cliff border commission for creating the issue, which was never honorable for the British, he observed. He said that due their ignorance the people of Kashmir were leaving a slavery life for last 65 years. He said that more then 0.5 million people have lost their lives and millions have been facing imprisonment and violence, while thousands of women were dishonored since 1947. He said that the Brit nation should play their due role in order to wash out the sins of their nation. Adding that he said the Brit Parliament’ Kashmiri Committee should also expedite its struggles for solution of the Kashmir issue. Along with that the leaders and public should also come forward to bring independence to the Kashmiri nation from the slave of India.