ISLAMABAD – Anti-Corruption Circle of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has sought complete record pertaining to the tendering process of Rs 1 billion project of widening and dualisation of Lehtrar Road.

Inaugurated by the Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani on October 10, 2009, the Lehtrar Road project was completed by the end of year 2011. The concerned quarters had escalated the cost of Rs560 million Lehtrar Road project by 100 per cent without following defined rules and procedures in this regard.

The PC-1 of the said project was exhausted prior to the inauguration of work on the project when Messrs Maaksons, the contractor firm for the said project, quoted the lowest bid of Rs735 million that was 26.7 per cent above the CDA’s benchmark amount of Rs560 million.

The Authority has opened tenders for the Rs560-million project on April 14, 2009. Six firms including M/s Habib Rafique, M/s Matracon, Zafar & Co, Chaudhry Latif & Co, M/s Maaksons and Hakas participated in the bidding.

Among which M/s Maaksons offered the lowest bid (26.7 per cent above the estimated cost) while Hakas offered the highest bid (50 per cent above the estimated cost)

According to the defined rules and regulations, when the project cost escalates by 15 per cent of the PC-1 amount, it is revised and approved from the CDA’s Central Development Working Party (CDWP) having representatives from Planning Commission beside others.

In Lehtrar Road project the PC-1 was exhausted during award of the contract when CDA Board accepted bid above 26.7 per cent above the PC-1 amount. The PC-1 of the Lehtrar Road project was prepared by an Assistant Director, who had been given only three days for the purpose, without any proper investigation of the proposed road site.

In common practice, an Engineer prepares the PC-1 of some project. This was done just to create capacity of further variations in the PC-1 for the sake to commit corruption.

The Project Director, Shahzada Rimmal Jamil, while talking to The Nation has said that when he was given the additional charge of the Lehtrar Road project, the contractor was mobilised on the site.

Giving excuse of a faulty original PC-1 being prepared back in 2005, he said it was not included the right estimations and was prepared in hurriedness.

Regarding cost escalation, he said seemingly the person who had prepared the PC-1 never visited the site. In PC-1 an estimated Rs16 million were set-aside on the account of replacement of lanes of PTCL, IESCO and fiber-cables of different organisations, however, later after hectic consultation with different wire agencies the amount was fixed at Rs48 million.

He said in original PC-1 there was no amount set-aside for the relocation of three graveyards and three mosques and that the issue was fixed later and sufficient amount was paid for the purpose.