Regrettably, nowadays road accidents have become quite common in the federal capital, Islamabad. More people, in particular, school going children, collegiate boys and girls and low-paid government employees who have become pedestrians due to hike in transport fares, die in road accidents. Road deaths in Islamabad registered a sharp rise between 2008 and 2012. The reasons could be over speeding, drunk-driving and rare use of helmets, seat belts and child restraints in vehicles as the main contributing factors. It is also seen that cars with government number plates are driven more recklessly then private owned cars. Some rash and reckless drivers of Capital Development Authority (CDA) are found to be drunk or distracted causing fatal road accidents leading to, both, death and injury.In this matter, it is suggested that federal and provincial governments should take serious actions to curtail these accidents and award harsh punishments and fines so that people respect laws. Some steps that can ensure safe driving could be better training provided while teaching driving and then at the time of issuing driving license, more monitoring of road sense can be helpful. Drivers of government owned vehicles should be held accountable if they create a mishap or fatally wound or kill someone. There is too much immunity available for them to regard life sacred. I personally know of Abdul Qayoom Channar, the sole bread earner of his family and an employee of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, who was crushed by a rash CDA water tanker recently, in front of the Parliament House on Constitution Avenue. Another young man was crippled by an official vehicle but no action has been taken. HASHIM ABRO, Isl