KARACHI - Sindh Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah on Tuesday night received a high level seven -member delegation from Imam Khomeini Relief Committee headed by Hussain Anwari, the IKRC chairman.

The head of Iranian delegation Anwari thanked the chief minister, the government and people of Sindh for warm welcome and expressed support and sympathies and recalled traditional, religious and cultural links between the two countries which he hoped will further flourish and expand. He expressed sadness on damages caused by floods and heavy rains in Sindh and announced that Iranian Relief Committee will construct 1,500 houses for rain affectees.

While welcoming the delegation, the chief minister highlighted the socio-economic, cultural, literacy and historical background and historical bounds between the two nations. He said that there are cordial and brethren relations between Pakistan and Iran, while there is a historic cultural and literacy relation between people of Iran and Sindh.

Syed Qaim Ali Shah added that Persian had remained official language of Sindh and various religious and literary scholars have contributed a lot in Persian language. He said that Hazrat Ghousul Haq Makhdoom Nooh of Hala had first translated Holy Quran in Persian language in Sub-continent, while Pir Husammdin Rashidi, Niaz Himayunvi, Makhdoom Ghulam Hyder, Mirza Qaleech Baig and so many others have contributed a lot in Persian language. He said that Sindh had adopted trend of designs and calligraphic verses on pottery work. He thanked the government and people of Iran for extending their assistance during floods of 2010, damages due to heavy rains of 2011 and 2012, and informed the latest situation of current heavy rains with the result, the people of Sindh province are suffering a lot.

 Shah also highlighted incident of Baldia Town Garment Factory fire incident.

The meeting was also attended by Consul General of Iran at Karachi Abbas Ali Abdulahi, Principal Secretary to CM Muhammad Siddique Memon, Director General Protocol Dabeer Ahmed and others. Later, the chief minister presented traditional gifts of Sindhi Ajrak and Sindhi cap to participants of Iranian delegation.

Meanwhile, The Sindh Employees’ Social Security Institution (SESSI) and the ILO have chalked out a joint programme for provision of relief to the affectees of the Baldia Town garments factory. A SESSI official said that a meeting in was held on Wednesday. It said that Commissioner SESSI, Danish Saeed stated in meeting that besides provision of eatables to the affectees the doctors and psychologists should also be made available to cater to the health needs of the affectees.

He also suggested that various programmes may be designed for impartation of skill training to the affectees.

It was also informed that SESSI is providing free treatment to seven affectees in various hospitals.