ISLAMABAD – Setting aside rules and seniority of deserving officials, the Ministry of Capital Administration and Development (MoCAD) has appointed five junior officers of Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) as area education officers (AEOs).

According to information the Directorate has divided over 400 schools and colleges of rural and urban areas into five sectors to run administrative affairs of the educational institutions and the ministry has given the charge of these sectors to junior officers. The Area Education Officer post is of grade 19 while the charge has been given to grade 18 officers who are far below on seniority list as compared to other officers.

Salma Hussain who is a grade 18 officer and on seniority list her number is 120 has been given the charge of 114 schools as AEO (Urban), Abbas Ali who has been given the charge of Nelore Sector also works in grade 18. Other three AEOs who have been appointed including Riaz Ali Khan, Bashir Arain and Gulshan Aara were also far below on seniority list of grade 19.

According to officials, the appointments have been made on the directions of Advisor to Minister of CAD Atif Kayani without taking on board the FDE Director General Dr Shehnaz Riaz.

Though the ministry has restored Dr Riaz as DG following the orders of the Supreme Court, she has no powers to run effectively the educational institutions and all the decisions of postings, transfers, appointments and other administrative affairs are taken at the ministry that has created unrest among the officials and the teaching fraternity.

Heads Association of Federal Government Schools President Attaullah Niazi criticising the move maintained that the officials who deserve according to their seniority should have been interviewed and appointed as AEOs.

He said the representatives of Federal Teachers’ Association are behind such politically motivated postings and transfers and such interferences have been leading the institutions in to administrative chaos.