PESHAWAR - Amidst the growing terrorist attacks being launched in provincial metropolis as well as in the adjacent tribal belt, number of terrorist outfits are operating in the region and it seems difficult for law enforcing agencies to identify the operatives sabotaging peace in the province.It has been noticed that on a number of occasions terrorist bids have been foiled in the city and a huge quaintly of explosives was also recovered besides the arrests of several important terrorists but so far no result of the investigation has come out regarding identification of the elements playing with lives of innocent people.  On September 07, the police had signaled a white car (Suzuki 1671) in the city, however, the car driver ignored the signal and escaped from the scene leaving the vehicle on the road. When the police, called personnel of Bomb Disposal Unit, they recovered an explosive device packed in the CNG cylinder and disposed it of. The explosives weighed about 110kg.After this on September 10, a similar kind of incident had occurred in the Haji Camp area where police recovered huge quantity of explosives and arrested four persons from a house. The police said that these explosives were brought to the city for major terrorist attacks. But still these persons were not identified as to whom they were working.Number of terrorist organizations are working in this region especially in tribal area and it may be possible that these persons belonged to any foreign agencies who want to destabilize the country and to spread fear and panic in this belt.Although the Taliban have no organized structure or known leaders in FR Peshawar or Peshawar district, but they have significant influence in Darra Adamkhel, a main town of FR Kohat.The TTP Darra Adam Khail group had also carried out a significant number of attacks in and around Peshawar where they targeted senior officials, key law enforcement establishments, tribal council meetings and funerals of people who participate in anti-Taliban militias.Sources said that this organization of Darra Adamkhel is mainly targeting security officials and anti-Taliban lashkars in the suburbs of Peshawar.Similarly, TTP Mohmand Agency has also been accused of killing their rivals and extorting money from Mohmand-based traders in Peshawar. “Many leaders of anti-Taliban lashkars formed in Mohmand Agency have been killed in Peshawar district. One of the tribal Malik Wazir, a leader of a tribal lashkar, was killed near Bakhstu Pul on Charsadda Road few months back.likewise a complicated name of Abdullah Azam brigade is also prominent which is a special cell formed by TTP whose main function is to attack NATO supplies, abduct security officials and foreigners, and plan terrorist acts. Recently, the group has claimed responsibility for the February 25 suicide attack on Kotwali Police Station that killed four policemen.The Lashkar-e-Islam Islam which is by its fugitive leader Mangal Bagh has been accused recently of asking residents of the Acheni Bala union council area of Peshawar for money in exchange for their security. According to news reports, they were warned their houses would be razed if they did not comply.There have also been reports of infighting between TTP Darra Adamkhel and the Lashkar Islam. There were conflicting reports about the death of Mangal Bagh, who was reportedly wounded in a suicide attack on a mosque in Tirah area of Khyber Agency. TTP Darra Adamkhel had claimed responsibility for the attack and said Bagh had been killed. But later Muhammad Husssain, a spokesman for the LI, denied the claim saying Mangal Bagh was safe.One of the residents of Peshawar told TheNation that as the military mounts pressure on militant groups in the tribal areas, hidden cells are activated in Peshawar.Residents of the city are concerned about what is being seen as a failure by the police and law enforcement agencies to stop the increasing incidents of terrorism. Police officials say it is very hard to secure the suburbs of Peshawar linked with tribal areas or control the movements of Taliban through those borders.It is to be mentioned here that without proper investigation, it has become difficult that from where these militants are launching attacks and where are their hidden hideouts. It is direly needed for security forces and other law enforces agencies to keep the security on high alert at the Frontier region to foil any major sabotage acts besides they should also focus on proper investigation process of those who are being arrested carrying explosives.