QUETTA – Rejecting the allegations and the threats by Nifaz-i-Aman Balochistan spokesman Ghazi as an intimidation tactic of spy agencies, the relatives of Baloch missing persons, mostly women, on Wednesday said they would not be terrified into submission and continue the hunger-strike camp for the recovery of their beloved ones.

Addressing a press conference at the token hunger strike camp, the female relatives of the missing persons said, “Some narrow-minded people like Ghazi (the spokesman of Nifaz-i-Aman) wanted to impose out-dated traditions on Baloch society, portraying them as Baloch culture. These are tactics of the occupant forces not the Baloch culture.”

They questioned how Nifaz-i-Aman could talk about the Baloch women with contemptuous words when 200 hundred women, including Zarina Marri, were in their own custody.

The female relatives of missing persons said they had played their role in the struggle during the government of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto too, when he carried out a military operation on Balochistan. “Baloch women continue to play their role to highlight atrocities inflicted upon their brothers,” the relatives of the Baloch missing persons said.

They expressed their resolve that they were prepared to register their protest not only outside the Quetta Press Club but also in any part of the world, if required, without being scared by any threats. They deeply resented the contemptuous words used against them by Ghazi and said his eyes were closed to the obscene acts in other parts of the country. They alleged that Ghazi’s organisation was a tool of the security forces, who killed their beloved ones and resented their protest.

They said it seemed that the security forces wanted to repeat the Bangladesh chapter in Balochistan. “We will not be scared by any threats,” the Baloch protesting women concluded.