A FATHER has squeezed himself into over 300 pairs of pants to beat the world record for the most underpants worn at one time.Self-titled ‘Pantsman’ Gary Craig managed to pull on an impressive 302 pairs of underpants in his Guinness World Record attempt, securing him a place in the record books.The 53-year-old, from Whitburn, South Tyneside, had previously held the World Record when he managed to put on 211 pairs of underpants last year. But his record was beaten when American Janine Keblish overtook him after pulling on 252 pairs of underwear in February. On Sunday, with the Great North Run taking place in the background, the determined dad-of-three reclaimed his record and is now awaiting confirmation from Guinness World Records. Gary filmed his world record attempt and will send it to Guinness before a final decision is made as to whether or not he has claimed back his title. Gary said: ‘It went very, very well and the official number is 302. I wanted to be the first person to put on over 300 pairs and I did it. I think I’m also the first person to hold the record twice - probably because no one else is daft enough to do it twice.’ ‘I wanted to break the record by so much that if anyone else ever does manage to break it, they will definitely deserve it.’  –GN