The release of blasphemous video has not only caused overwhelming anguish, but also generated protests on a large scale. The US ambassador to Libya has been killed, infuriating Washington to send its warships to the Gulf. The magnitude is so high that it has gripped some European countries as well. Yet the growing agitation may calm down through offensive or mild maneuvering; however the abhorrence it has created will never die down.There are demonstrations in Pakistan as well. Pakistan parliament, President Zardari and Prime Minister Pervaiz Ashraf have condemned it. The entire Christian community has denounced it. People have boycotted Youtube. Still the chance of recurring of similar incidents in future remains. And this is not the first time. Starting from Salman Rushdi’s disrespectful narration of Holy Prophet’s life, there have been a number of incidents where the second largest religion of the world was desecrated. However, it is the first time that the US government has threatened to move its forces into Muslim countries either to control demonstrations, or to safeguard its citizens and interests. The Google administration has also refused to remove the video from the web. On the contrary, Muslims have never desecrated the Bible or any other holy book – a real manifestation of absolute tolerance and Islamic teachings towards other religions. However, governments there happen to be complacent about such events. It is despite the fact that many Muslim countries have witnessed bloody uprising in the shape of Arab spring. It does not take much time for a public uproar to turn into violence. There is a requirement of addressing the matter with unanimity at international forum. The OIC, though not very effective in addressing such issues, is yet the only choice. It is obligatory on its part to remain assertive at-least on matters of great sensitivity. The people in US, European need to realise that the Muslims, who have never desecrated any religion, even in extreme situations, are more tolerant than the one’s who claim to be the most civilised nations? Therefore, the more tolerant should be treated as more honorable. If peace is an ultimate goal of the global community, then such occurrences have to stop.NAJEEB AHMED, Rawalpindi, September 17.