ISLAMABAD  - A petition pleading for immediate stay order regarding induction of caretaker prime minister has been filed in the Supreme Court.

The petitioner Shahid Orakzai has held the stance that the opposition leader in National Assembly Chaudhary Nisar has nominated two former judges of the Supreme Court, however, one of the nominees, Justice Shakirullah Jan retired from his post on August 16, 2012. According to the constitution, Justice Shakirullah Jan cannot hold a public office for two years, he states.

In addition, Shahid Orakzai has reminded the Supreme Court that the other nominee for the post of caretaker prime minister, namely Justice Nasir Aslam Zahid probed the case in which influential persons Tariq Aziz, Mian Munir, Akhtar Rasool, Chaudhary Tanvir, Sardar Naseem, and Akhtar Mehmood were involved such that they were acquitted at first, but subsequently, they were sentenced for contempt of court charges.

Through the appointment of Justice Nasir Aslam Zahid as the caretaker prime minister, PML-N wants to give next general elections the colour of the ‘drama’ just like the attack on the Supreme Court, the petition maintains. The petitioner has also warned the Supreme Court that PML-N is deliberately equating the judges with politicians so that it might arouse ‘friendly sentiments’ in the Supreme Court judges.

The petitioner Shahid Orakzai has said that according to the constitution no judge can be granted any political office. He added that Chaudhary Nisar Ali Khan should be stopped from nominating the candidates for the seat of caretaker prime minister as Nisar does not know about the demarcating line between the political administration and judiciary.