PESHAWAR - The public anger simmered as the protest demonstrations against the anti-Islam movie monster with each passing day in provincial metropolis in the wake delay in penalize the filmmaker.The infuriated protestors on Wednesday asked the government to sever diplomatic relations with the US and expel its Ambassador in protest. The protestors hailing from different walk of life joined with agitators under the banner of different political and religious parties, student wings and traders’ unions to express their anger over the making of anti-Islam film. The protesters chanted full-throat anti-American and Israel slogans and set the US flag on fire. The agitators including the university employees led by Vice Chancellor Dr Qibla Ayaz staged a protest demonstration inside the campus premises. Similarly, the workers of the All Clerks’ Association and All Government Employees Coordination Council took out a procession from Kachri Gate to Peshawar Press Club. Activists of PML-N, Jamaat-e-Islami Minorities Wing, Mutahidda Talba Mahaz, Pasban and Anjuman Tajraan Naothia also staged separate protest demonstrations on Sher Shah Suri Road. Talking to the media, the demonstrators condemned the making of Anti-Islam movie, demanded exemplary punishment for the filmmaker to avoid such sacrilegious act in future. “We are ready to sacrifice our lives for Prophet Mohammad (PBHU), but we will never tolerate any desecration in his sanctity,” he remarked.The demonstrators asked the US to stop playing with religious sentiments of Muslims.Minorities MPA condemns anti-Islam movieKhyber Pakhtunkhwa MPA from minorities Prince Javed has condemned the blasphemous act of US private media against Islam and demanded a strict action against the responsible persons. In a statement issued here on Wednesday, he said that the Christian community living in Pakistan respects all the holy books and all the Messengers of God. He said that they equally share in this time of grief and strongly condemn this act of blasphemy. He added that All Pakistan Minorities Alliance is also expressing complete solidarity in this sensitive issue. He said that the US government should take action against the responsible persons, as such kind f incidents are dangerous for the peace of the world. He also demanded of the United Nations to ensure arrest of the responsible persons through Interpol and award them strict punishment. He also demanded blocking of all related videos regarding this film.Muqaddam Khan adds from Swabi: The Jamiat Ulema-i-Islam (F) and Afghan refugees have staged protest demonstrations against the anti-Islam film and anti-Muslim policies of US at two separate venues here on Wednesday.The JUI-F workers who were led by former provincial education minister, Maulana Fazal Ali, gathered at their district office from where they marched to Karnal Sher Khan Chowk. On the occasion, their leader addressed them. They were holding placards and changing anti-American slogans.The Afghan refugees of the Gandaf camp assembled at market of Gadoon Amazai Industrial Estate. They were holding placards inscribed with the anti-US slogans while demanding that the Muslim World to awaken from the deep sleep and forge unity in their ranks to confront the anti-Islam policies of US and its allies.The JUI-F leaders demanded of the Pakistan’s government to stop appeasing Washington and criticised the policies adopted by America and its allies. They said that anti-Islam policies have been adopted under a well-planned strategy to weaken the Islamic entities because after the collapse of the former Soviet Union Islam has been considered the only threat by these powers.Meanwhile, Islami Jamaat Tulaba also staged a protest demonstration and blocked the Swabi-Mardan road for all kind of traffic for an hour at Gohati Bridge.They said that Pakistan should sever the diplomatic relations with Washington which had devised numerous plans to subjugate the Muslims, and the Muslim rulers have regrettably turned their deaf ear to the increased influence of the US in their countries.