MULTAN (APP) - The Punjab government launched a survey of crop area hit by rains in South Punjab and growers will get oil seeds for cultivation in the first phase of the relief and rehabilitation initiative.Growers will get rapeseed, canula, and Raya seed in the first phase once the rain water is drained out of fields, says a release issued by the media liaison unit of the Punjab agriculture department. The districts, including Rajanpur, Dera Ghazi Khan, Rahimyar Khan, Muzaffargarh, Lodhran, Vehari, Khanewal and Multan, were hit by the recent monsoon rains leaving their cotton, fodder and vegetables cultivated area damaged.The survey teams have started preparing lists of growers whose crops were affected by the rain. The work of survey teams was being monitored by provincial secretary agriculture and other senior officers as per orders of Meanwhile, experts said growers should apply healthy, clean and disease-free seed at the rate of 1.5 to 2 kilogram per acre to get enhanced yield of rapeseed, Raya and canula. Sowing should begin after rain water is drained out of the fields. Fields, however, should be wet or moist at the time of sowing. Seeds should be treated with anti-fungus spray before sowing. Wet field should be ploughed twice before sowing.Canula should be sown by drill in rows separated by 30 to 40 centimetres. Depth of the seed should be maintained at 2 to 4 centimetres. Fertilisers should be applied in accordance with the needs of the soil after getting its samples tested from laboratory. Canula seeds need two to three water applications in irrigated areas.  First water be applied 30 days after germination, second at flower stage and the third at fruit stage. Trimming process should be completed before the first water application. Plant to plant distance be maintained at 10 to 15 centimetres after plants attain good height. Weeds should be removed for better growth.