PERHAPS inspired by Britain’s constant drought warnings and reminders to ‘use water wisely’, an inventor has come up with a combined washing machine and shower.‘Washit’ allows users to give their clothes a good soaking while they take one themselves, with a unique pump system that uses your shower run-off to give your clothes their first rinse.If that sounds a little unhygienic, rest assured it is just the first rinse-cycle which uses your cast-off water to wash your cast-offs.Turkish designer Ahmet Burak Aktas hopes combining the water will cut down on the 150 litres of water used for a 15-minute shower and the 38 litres used on a typical wash-cycle. The project is the work of industrial design student Aktas, whose interests are in engineering, industrial design and product design.He listed the concept on the Behance Network, which aims to use the internet to bring creative projects to life without the red tape and bureaucracy of large companies.The design comes in two forms: a secured unit for showers in public places, and a domestic product for your bathroom.Aktas said: ‘Washit is a product that changes our daily routines. It is responsible to our most precious resource: water. With Washit, washing clothes in piles will become a thing of the past. Every time that user wants to take a shower, it will be an opportunity to wash a few pieces of clothes without using any extra water.’Washit uses a closed plumbing system with two water pumps and three filters - carbon, organic and chemical. The unit also houses a heater, UV filters and a water storage unit.While users have a shower, Washit gather graywater from the shower cabinet and sends it to the water storage, first going through the filters.             –DM