ISLAMABAD - Pakistan’s textile exports declined by 1.50 per cent during the first couple of months (July-August) of the ongoing financial year (2012-2013) as compared to exports in the same period of the preceding fiscal year (2011-12).

According to the figures released by Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) on Wednesday, the textile commodities exports declined by 1.50 per cent in one year period. Pakistan exported textile commodities worth of $2.164 billion in July-August period of the 2012-13 fiscal year against $2.197 billion of July-August period of the fiscal year 2011-12.  Meanwhile, textile commodities exports declined by 0.76 per cent in the month of August 2012, as these were recorded at $1.072 billion against $1.081 billion of August 2011.

According to the figures, the product-wise details showed that raw cotton exports went down by 83.15 per cent in July-August period of the ongoing fiscal year, cotton yarn exports increased by 38.35 per cent, cotton cloth 1.18 per cent, cotton carded exports declined by 88.73 per cent, yarn exports went up by 1.82 per cent, knitwear exports reduced by 14.48 per cent, bed wear 17.49 per cent, towels exports enhanced by 0.54 per cent, tents 14.89 per cent, readymade garments 4.12 per cent, art silk and synthetic textile exports reduced by 6.92 per cent, made-up articles were down by 4.82 per cent and other textile materials exports increased by 55.03 per cent in July-August period of 2012-13 against the July-August 2011-12 period, said the PBS data.

Meanwhile, the figures revealed that the country’s food exports also registered a decrease of 11.22 per cent in July-August period of the year 2012-13. The break-up of food group exports revealed that rice exports went down by 27.66 per cent in the period under review, fish exports went down by 1.02 per cent, fruits 4.76 per cent, vegetables 1.93 per cent, pulses 21.39 per cent, tobacco 78 per cent, wheat exports declined by 50 per cent, spices exports increased by 5.74 per cent, oil seeds export decreased by 12.27 per cent, sugar 100 per cent, meat 20.45 per cent and all other food items export reduced by 2.11 per cent in the period under review.

Meanwhile, in other manufactures group, exports of carpets, rugs and mats decreased by 2.32 per cent, sports goods exports increased by 1.31 per cent and leather exports went down by 6.18 per cent.

Similarly, the engineering goods exports declined by over 46 per cent, surgical goods and medical instruments exports also went up down 16.17 per cent in July-August period of the current fiscal year against the same period last year.