ISLAMABAD  - UN working group has evolved its report after its meetings with leading politicians and government functionaries, family members of missing persons and members of civil society. UN working group visited several cities during his 10-day trip to Pakistan and met several political leaders and government functionaries. However Chief Justice of Pakistan and senior military leadership regretted to meet the group.The group worked out its report on facts and causes leading to enforced disappearances, which would be presented in the meeting of UN Human Rights Council. Sources told Online the delegation in its report had expressed disappointment over "no meetings" with the judiciary and military authorities. The group will hold a formal press conference today with reference to its visit to Pakistan. The Group will hold today (Thursday) a press conference.During the press conference, it will present preliminary conclusions and recommendations. The Working Group represented by Mr. Olivier de Frouville, the Chair-Rapporteur, and by Mr. Osman El-Hajj, is accompanied by members of the Secretariat of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights.