On Thursday September 12 a poor student, Zahidullah, of a local Madrassah in Charsadda, while riding his bicycle was hit by a heavy truck, breaking the lower part of his body. He was rushed to the Dist. Headquarters Hospital Charsadda, which, as it does in most cases, referred him to Peshawar public hospitals for better medical services. He could not be provided the required medical services not only in the Charsadda hospital, but also to my surprise, and anger at the most important and old hospital, Lady Reading Hospital (LRH) in Peshawar. For approximately 18-24 hours, he was provided only blood at the LRH, and that too by his relatives as he was bleeding heavily.

Nothing was being done to help this poor badly injured boy, no x-ray was taken leave alone any surgery or bandages being provided. The poor relatives, indeed very poor financially, out of fear, in case further delay happened, kept quiet. He was then once again moved to another private hospital, which is very expensive. I don’t know if he was provided any treatment there but I personally feel that the new PTI government needs to take these public institutions to task. There should be treatment provided to poor patients and they should not be carted off too other institutes, Why were they not able to treat him at LRH? The CM KP, the Health Minister, Mr. Shaukat Yousafzai, and the higher authorities of the health department should taken action on all these heart-saddening health problems of the poor residents of KP.


Charsadda, September 15.