Wednesday’s meeting held between Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Turkey’s Interior Minister Muammer Guler in Ankara led to an affirming note on bilateral relations, as well as economic and education based solutions for Pakistan. By extoling their model of governance, the Prime Minister said he sought Turkey’s guidance on tackling extremism and radicalisation in the country. Emphasizing the cogent role played by education in combating extremism, Interior Minister Muammer Guler said that social violence cannot be removed through force only; educational reform is equally important, if not more. For this purpose, he vowed that Turkey would assist Pakistan along the way until it achieved its goal.

In addition to the issues of security in the country, the Premier brought up Afghanistan and stressed upon Afghanistan-Pakistan-Turkey trilateral cooperation and progress. Given our dynamic geographical politics, it is indisputable that a peaceful Afghanistan would lead to a stable Pakistan and vice versa. The rendezvous in Ankara also brought increased collaboration on trade, security, infrastructure development and energy programme to the table. Turkey’s case was praised as an ideal for Pakistan to follow: Robust institutions, an enlightened population, proficient manpower and corruption abolished by the government, were agreed upon as optimal attributes for Pakistan to adopt.

By highlighting a fraternal past that involves both nations’ history, culture and religion, Turkey guaranteed that it was genuinely interested in the practical implementation of changes that would alleviate Pakistan’s impasses. With an extremism problem spiralling out of control and the lack of confidence shown by investors becoming even more obvious, the assistance and support promised by Turkey for Pakistan is a golden opportunity to build upon. Turkey’s advice on controlling cyber crimes in addition to wiping out radicalisation is not only valued, but terribly needed by Pakistan.

The consolidation of objectives between Turkey and Pakistan serves to empower the people of both countries. With the help of investment in the energy sector as well as the diversification of trade between both, this pact can catalyze advancement in Pakistan’s human resources sector. A number of deals were signed on power distribution as well as energy conservation. The Premiere’s gesture of strengthening bonds reciprocated generously by Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan is only yet another instance of unity and compassion found in Turkey and Pakistan’s shared rich history.  In the precarious case of Pakistan, display of brotherhood and sincere advice emanating from Ankara can go a long way.