In 2006, the agricultural department introduced a project called, ‘Fruits and Vegetables Development’ with the aim to encourage farmers to grow more fruits and vegetables and selected fresh agri-graduates along with technical staff, through a high-level selection committee, as a result of which new techniques including the tunnel farming were adopted by farmers all over Punjab.

Now the government of Punjab, after realizing its immense utility, has decided to convert the project into a permanent department.

It is of course a good thing but, contrarily, the bad side of the picture is that all the agricultural officers, as well as the lower technical staff, have been asked to leave after 30-09-2013 on the pretext of completion of their contract notwithstanding the fact that all of them have devoted many years of their life to the project. We humbly request the Chief Minister the ‘Khadim-e-Aala’ to look into our serious concern and decide in our favour.


OKARA, September 18.