A five year old poor girl was raped and her brutalized body was found outside a hospital in Lahore, the incident shocked many in this country, where lives of the ordinary people have no importance. The government, our parliament, bureaucracy, judiciary, security agencies and our armed forces derive their legitimacy from the Constitution, which makes it obligatory upon them to perform the primary function, which is to protect lives, property, honor, dignity of citizens, maintain law and order.

The state has failed to perform this obligatory duty, because when any injustice is done, a crime committed, the state should be seen as the protector of the weak and the criminals should be prosecuted, instead of leaving the helpless poor to fight their cases, when they do not have any resources. Our state has distorted idea of what serving the nation means! They allot expensive land to the highly paid and corrupt civil and khaki bureaucracy while the poor get nothing. This money can be diverted to provide shelter for the poor, sustenance, accommodation, food kitchens and legal services to the poor and under privileged!

There can be no more repulsive role than the one played by our state, sitting government and extensive security apparatus deputed at our airports, for facilitating murderers such as the Jatoi’s and Tauqeer Sadiq the corrupt OGRA chairman, who ran away with billions. Can we imagine the pits of our moral collapse? Over three thousand minor children are raped every year and according to press reports, but only over a hundred, have ever been punished and all this never merited any intervention by our elected representatives or paid servants of state, hired to enforce rule of law, instead of making citizen’s life miserable by blocking roads and standing on the roads.


Lahore, September 15.