MQM leader Altaf Hussain is living in London and he holds British nationality for the last two decades but he has been playing in the political arena in Pakistan. Though technology has developed to the extent that we are in touch with our loved ones, but he has set new standards for being the leader of a political party. History has stories of leaders who operated from abroad to gain power in their own country such as the Khomani of Iran, but he is the first who has deserted his motherland and vows to be a patriot while sitting in UK, why?

There is no one in Pakistan who controls him rather he controls his workers with remote administration! He frequently addresses the MQM gatherings through video telephone system. He makes his comments on any news, government's policy, and statements within no time and our electronic media is forced to telecast his remarks as well as reactions.

What is incredible is that neither the British government, nor our government has objected to his interference in the internal matters of Pakistan, or the UK stopped him from commenting! Some people in the media have been victims of being bold.

There was no insurgency or crime in Karachi before the rise of MQM; they set these precedents which other political parties have also followed. The only solution to Karachi's unrest and lawlessness is to show no complacency whatsoever otherwise Karachi killings would continue which will damage country's economy very badly.


Lahore, September 11.