Naveedul Hassan Qutbi

Five real sisters, unhappy with the inordinate delay in marriage and miseries of poverty, ran out of patience and jumped into the fast flowing water of Sidhnai-Mailsi Link Canal on Thursday. However, one of them was rescued by locals while the others drowned.

After getting information about the incident, the rescue teams arrived at the scene and started searching for the bodies of the girls. All five girls were identified as 45-year-old Zainab Bibi, 42-year-old Munira Bibi, 40-year-old Fiaz Bibi, 35-year-old Khamoo Bibi and 32-year-old Haleema Bibi, daughters of Bashir Ahmad, a residence of Khoo Chah Humblewala, Kahror Pakka. One of them Khamoo Bibi was rescued by the locals.

It has been learnt that Bashir Ahmad was not willing to marry them and they often quarrelled with their father over the issue marriage matter but in vain so five have jumped in Sidhnai-Mailsi Link Canal at Mailsi Siphon to end their lives. However, locals rushed for their rescue but could save only Khamoo Bibi while the others drowned. The rescue divers launched search for the bodies.

The incident exposes the claims of our rulers who made luring promises during the election campaign that they would eliminate poverty from the country.

This is not for the first time that such an incident has taken place in the country where the government and its elitist cronies keep on repeating the mantra that they will make Pakistan a prosperous country. This incident is a slap in the face of those claiming to make a ‘new Pakistan’ and mocks their so-called pledges to elevate the poor Pakistanis.