Lady Gaga thinks her new album ARTPOP is like hearing music on a night out with pals.

The 27-year-old singer releases ARTPOP in November and she believes it will make listeners think of wild parties.

She penned her tracks with her friends in mind and considered what fans may want to hear during evenings out.

“It’s my intention for you to have a really good time,” she told America’s KIIS FM radio. “I designed it for it to be fun from start to finish, like a night at the club in terms of the DJ’ing aspect of it.

“When you listen to it, it really flows nicely. It’s really fun to pop in with your friends. I really wrote it for me and my friends to pop in from start to finish.”

The first tune released is actually one from the back end of the LP, a decision made for a very specific reason. “Applause is the last song. We put that out first so you have lots of time to learn the lyrics so when you’re completely inebriated by the end of the album, the first time you listen to it, you, at least, know how to sing the last song,” she commented. The performer also spoke about how she recently delved back into her 2011 record, Born This Way, to see how she has changed.

“I just love re-experiencing albums after you make them. It’s hard of me to experience it right after I make it ‘cause I’m just living it every day. So once I changed a little bit and then I go back and listen to something I’m able to really perceive how messed up it is,” she admitted. “People think I’m messed up maybe or think I’m on drugs or whatever people think of me but I’m just a creative person.”