CDA is planning to present a case for Islamabad Ring Road to the Prime Minister to get approval for this mega project as reported in today's newspaper. This road is planned to ease off the heavy traffic jams inside Islamabad. There used to be a Rawalpindi Ring Road Project in the news during the tenure of the last government which is not been heard of any more. This road was to start from Channi Sher Alam near Rawat Town cross Girja Road and Chakri Road besides stretching towards the under-construction new Islamabad airport at Fatehjhang and meeting GT road at Tarnol. Mian Shahbaz Sharif was interested in the two projects the Lahore Ring Road and Rawalpindi Ring Road. The major part of Lahore Ring Road has been built because of his attention to this project since it is in Lahore whereas the Rawalpindi one has come to naught as it is too far from his constituency.

The news item of Islamabad Ring Road sounds like the authorities are going around in circles without accomplishing anything but squandering money on feasibilities, hiring consultants, even acquiring lands for these half baked plans that never get the chance to move from the drawing boards to the real project. Why not revive the project on which the spade work has already been done rather than starting from scratch and then leaving it half baked?


Sargodha, September 12.