Being a firm believer of the maxim that punishment is the best deterrent to crime and possessing a sincere desire of watching the citizens of Pakistan live in peace and security I am writing this letter. It is, however, unfortunate that neither any of our previous governments nor the judicial authorities have made any sincere efforts to eradicate crime from the country by punishing the criminals. While there were columns full of news of crimes committed in the papers there were no reports of the punishments, and if any criminals had been convicted!

According to the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan a rape occurs every two hours while every four to eight days a gang rape victim is found in our ‘Islamic Republic of Pakistan’. Sadly enough the system is so rotten that while 350 out of 1526 rape cases registered during this year are still under investigation the remaining have also not reached their legal end. It means that after committing such a heinous crime the culprits continue to enjoy life, courtesy of our gracious judicial system and a rotten government who does not make any laws that can be implemented.

The outrageous crime in which five years old Sumbal who was raped multiple times by several persons, and is now struggling for her life, has aroused the emotions as well as anger of the whole nation in the hope that our rulers will wake up and deal with the culprits mercilessly. I fully endorse the views expressed in your editorial dated September 15 that ‘the culprits must be caught and their guilt established through a fair trial. DNA evidence so foolishly reviled by the religious leaders must be used without apology and fear. Once found guilty these inhuman brutes must be hanged’.

This will not only serve as an example but also restore the nation’s trust in our legal system. It may be noted that four of the criminals who raped a woman in a bus in India creating a furor in the country have been sentenced to death while the other day USA executed a person who had committed rape 26 years ago.


Lahore, September 15.