ISLAMABAD - Government has conducted interviews to fill the vacant posts including its head in Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA).

At the moment Cabinet Division has conducted interviews of the short-listed candidates for the posts of Member Technical, Finance and Member Compliance and Enforcement. After filling these posts, one of them will be appointed as the Chairman of the authority and that particular post will be refilled. The third post of Member Compliance and Enforcement has been added this time by the government as earlier PTA did not have this post and there were only 2 members.

The government had advertised the posts few months back but that was challenged in the court on the plea that the requirements for the posts published in the advertisement were not according to the constitution of the authority.

The case was in the Supreme Court of Pakistan and after giving due time to both the parties, it has ordered PTA to conduct interviews of the candidates those have sent the applications to the government and appoint the right person on the right position.

It is pertinent to mention here that 3G auction was being delayed since long due to several problems but for several months it was not happening due to absence of Chairman of authority. As per the constitution of PTA, no important decision can be taken without Chairman that was not appointed since March this year.

Now it is expected that Chairman PTA will be appointed within days once the selection process for aforementioned 3 posts completes. Generally Member Technical is appointed as Chairman of the Authority and later the post is refilled but that is not a law.

Official sources told that certain quarters were behind the delay of appointment of members and Chairman PTA because with authority (Chairman) PTA is toothless and there are many those want it in the same condition but now following the court decision, most of the issues will be resolved within days. Once PTA has its Chairman, the schedule for the auction of 3G licences would be announced soon, the sources said.