LAHORE: FIA Cyber Crime Circle is receiving harassment complaints from females related to Facebook misuse but due to no law against such crime the agency seems powerless, sources in the agency claimed on Thursday.

They said that use of facebook is on the spread and male users hack the accounts of female users. Then these youngsters exploit girls by converting their pictures through editing. These youngsters then place tempered pictures on Facebook wall and give obnoxious remarks to defame girls pushing them and their family into trauma.

These youngsters sometimes demand ransom from families and sometimes blackmail the young girls and throw immoral demands. “Many male users make fake accounts showing pretending to be female and trap girls in the name of friendship after exchanging pictures”, said an investigator of FIA. When girls exchange their pictures their miseries start engulfing the whole family. “We trace the exploiters through interrogations but in the most of the cases parents of the girls do not pursue the case in courts”, said Deputy Director FIA, Samiur Rehman Khan Jami. He said that parents are of the view that prosecution of the case would bring bad name to their family.  FIA other officers said that there was no law in the country to curb such cyber crimes adding that the cyber Crime Circle was only applying sections 36 and 37 of Electronics Transaction Ordinance (ETO) 2002 to deal with all sorts of the cyber crimes.

 An investigator said that above said sections do not cover cyber stocking, cyber spoofing, cyber fraud, cyber threat and blackmailing. He said section 36 and 37 of ETO can only be used for unauthorised access to system.–Amraiz Khan