LAHORE - In a bid to regain its lost political ground among the party cadres in the provincial capital, PTI City chapter leadership has formed a reconciliation committee to entice its breakaway leader into their camp, The Nation has learnt.

PTI provincial capital leadership, which is under fire from high command for quite sometime over its repeated failures to establish the party as a real challenger to the PML-N in its stronghold on Thursday constituted the committee to secure their existence in the party.  According to PTI City chapter leadership claim, the reconciliation committee will review complaints, reservations and disciplinary affairs regarding party office-bearers at town, unit and tehsil levels.

However, party sources privy to the inside information concerning the committee told this correspondent that provincial capital leadership headed by Aleem Khan anticipating its complete fall formed the body under the command of Mian Hamid Meraaj to convince its breakaway leaders back into their camp to retake their lost political ground to the camp of Mian Mehmood-ur-Rasheed.  They informed that Farrukh Javed Moon newly-appointed secretary information City chapter would be at the back of Hamid to provide financial support to lure the breakaway leaders back into Aleem’s camp.

They maintained that Farrukh who owns different business concerns was known for his special packages’ offers to rival camps leaders to bring them into Aleem’s group.

Though, the City president’s spokesman utilize his own funds to protect the business interests of his group, however he mainly bank on the financial support of his boss who leads the land developer barons in the provincial capital.

Sources quoting party chief’s inner circle members as saying that PTI Lahore chapter leadership was under the direct vigil of party chairman who believed that provincial capital leadership had failed the party during the general elections 2013.

They added that top party leadership at one time had strongly considered replacing the City chapter leadership with a temporary capable team, which would lead the party into local bodies’ elections.

However, the supporters of Aleem in central leadership had requested the party chairman to give a chance to Lahore chapter leadership and defer any consideration removing them till the local elections or test them for one last time.

Sources maintained that top party leadership has directed the City chapter leadership to refrain from employing dirty tricks to settle score with their rival groups to save the party from another insult in the local bodies’ polls.

Similar directions were also passed on to the rival camp of the provincial capital leadership.