PESHAWAR - To record his anguish against day-to-day highhandedness of traffic police, an enraged rickshaw driver in Peshawar on Thursday burnt to ashes the school’s books and bags of his five children, calling Imran Khan that he committed this act in the PTI’s government. The driver said that he has fed-up with the police’s acts of taking bribe from him during pick and drop of his kids to their schools early in the morning.

Drive Salim Khan, 45, infuriated by police acts, first collected books from his kids and put them on ground in front of Peshawar Press Club and burn it.

Hailing from Wahid Ghari Village, Salim Khan said that he wished to see a shining future of his beloved kids enrolled them at various schools in the vicinity. “I have all the required documents, including a permit of my rickshaw which ply on city roads to earn two time bread for my family,” he said while tears rolling down his checks, adding a traffic warden patrolling the route where I pass on daily stop me for no reason and sometime fine me too. “A day earlier for no mistake a traffic warden stop me, when I was on way to leave my children at school, demanded bribe after checking my permit pretending it was a fake one. I was fined Rs5,000 as I refuse to pay the bribe, Salim said, while another driver was fined Rs200 as he grease the palm of the warden,” he added. Another rickshaw driver Ghulam Khan also came on the occasion and joins the protest to express his sympathy with the protesting driver and children.  

“We Peshawarites had pinned high hopes on PTI that it will spare us from corrupt police, unfortunately there is no change and every thing is going in the old direction that we had experienced in the past,” he lamented.

A placard carried by one of Salim’s son inscribed with that “Uncle Imran Khan we will not go to school anymore if your government in the province cannot protect us from traffic police highhandedness.”

The protesting sons of rickshaws drivers demanded Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Pervez Khattak and PTI Central Chairman Imran Khan to give protection to their father from the highhandedness of traffic wardens.