SANAA : An eight-year-old ‘child bride’ reported to have died of internal injuries on her wedding night is alive, it is claimed.

Shocking reports emerged last week of a Yemeni girl called Rawan who died after being forced into marrying a man five times her age.

The case sparked international outcry and enraged activists launched a campaign calling for the groom and the girl’s family to be arrested. They said the Yemeni government must ban child marriages.

However, the original report has been called into question after authorities in north western Yemen presented a girl to reporters that they said was Rawan, alongside a man claiming to be her father.

In a video released by Gulf News, Mohammed Abdu Abkar Ebrahim Hattan blasted the story as a rumour fabricated by people ‘duped by Satan’.

On camera he insisted angrily that only one of his six daughters is married, and it is not Rawan.

‘They are all in good health and not suffering from anything and I deny this news.’

Standing beside him in pink, the little girl giggles for the camera as she too denies the claims.

Asked if she is married, she says: ‘No, it is not true.’ The interviewer asks: ‘What would you like to say to the people who said that you were dead?’ ‘I would say to them that this is not true,’ she retorts.