Pakistan won its freedom from VIP culture for the first time. Former interior minister, Rehman Malik was off-loaded from a PIA flight when he was two hours late. On Monday, PIA's flight was delayed for a VIP which irritated and upset the passengers. They became abusive and insulted the VIP, who believed that he could do as he wished in Pakistan. Rehman Malik met an angry crowed who asked him to leave the plane.

This was the first attempt by the common man to stand against the VIP culture which has prevailed for 67 years. I am sure that now, others who enjoy the same perks and privileges will be conscious that the status quo is changing and people are aware of their rights and will not tolerate anyone who tries curtailing their rights. This is a healthy sign for democracy, that a common man is raising his voice against the violation of his rights. If this carries on, we wouldn't be wrong in saying that Pakistan will be rid of this age-old problem.


Lahore, September 17.