The Nation editorial titled ‘A Flood Of Excuses’ quite rightly castigates the government for trying to put all the blame on India.

John Briscoe, a renowned water expert, has said that India could not have exacerbated the current floods in the Chenab and Jhelum basins in Pakistan, because India does not have any large storage reservoirs on either the Jhelum or Chenab rivers, in part due to the restrictions of terrain, and in part to the restrictions of the Indus Waters Treaty (neither has India a large dam on the Indus which bore the brunt of the 2010 floods).

But when the editorial asks the government that by passing the buck to India, how do we generate the political impetus to build Kalabagh dam, the media must also looks to its own role in allowing a moratorium on dam building for 38 years, in which time both Kalabagh and Bhasha dams could have been built. Did the media say even once that it is not Indian agents who are opposing Kalabagh dam but our own politicians?


Lahore, September 18.