1. This letter is in reference to the exuberant fee that is being charged by the private schools of Punjab and no concrete steps are being taken by the Punjab Government. The private schools, one of the famous Branch, Beaconhouse is being owned by Kasooris of PTI, increased the school fees every year without any justification, particularly without any corresponding increase in quality of education. No doubt these schools have become business centres and parents are being looted by them on the name of education.

2. We call upon the government to create/enable the monitoring authority to regulate private schools especially the fees it can take and enforce it.. If some quarters have some reservations over it, they should take them up with the government and resolve the issue. But private schools must not be allowed to take advantage of the non-availability of rules and regulation on the subj of fee and do whatever they feel without any punitive action. Another pertinent point is that the private schools have increased the fees by 14-15% (Beaconhouse is the case in point), whereas Govt has announced 7% increase in pay of govt employees. Can anyone justify the increase and this dichotomy?

3. Last but not the least, Lahore High Court (LHC) has passed the judgment forbidding private schools from charging tuition fee during the three months of Summer breaks but the private schools are doing it without any fear. The LHC judgment may be enforced by the Punjab Govt.

A Worried Parent,

Rawalpindi, September 14.