Through the column of your esteemed newspaper I want highlight some of the most important concern about the availability of cheap means of transport. Since Qinchqi rickshaws were a convenient way to travel around. They had a lot of benefits over taxis, buses and rickshaws and they were more wished for.

They cost way too less than any other vehicle available in Karachi and everyone could reach their desired place without giving away too much fare, unlike some people do when they travel by taxis. They had become very popular vehicle among the citizens of Karachi; they were easy to find in every single corner of Karachi; unknown areas, streets, and everywhere any other people wouldn’t be.

But, of course, the government banned them (July, 2015). A of now, people have to wait for buses at bus stops, and on the other hand, rickshaw and taxi drivers are mooching off people’s money, And the people can’t say a word against it. Also, some of the Qinchqi drivers have no job to do to support their families’ expense. What are they going to do now? They can’t take any action against it yet again. Therefore, the government should consider our problems and provide us cheap transport, or rather, permit Qinchqi transport.


Karachi, September 1.